Cremation Services

Approximately four out of every 10 individuals are cremated. This growing number reflects several societal trends, including increased religious acceptance, social mobility, and environmental awareness.

For more than 20 years, Marine Park Funeral Home has provided local families with personalized care during times of loss. We specialize in traditional burial services, memorials, graveside services, and cremation in Brooklyn, NY.

Types of Cremation

Much like a traditional burial service, families who choose cremation generally also have a service to honor the life of their loved one. These services can be short and simple or long and more formal, depending on the wishes of the deceased and the preferences of the family.

At Marine Park Funeral Home we offer a variety of cremation services, including:

  • Direct cremation: A direct cremation precludes any type of formal service in honor of the deceased.
  • Traditional service cremation: This option resembles a traditional funeral, but the deceased is cremated instead of buried in a cemetery.
  • Memorial service cremation: Cremation happens prior to the service, and remains are then placed in an urn rather than a casket.

Cremated Remains

After any of these types of services, you can choose to have the cremated remains buried, scattered, or kept with your family in an urn. At Marine Park Funeral Home, we have a full selection of urns. Our expert staff can provide recommendations on dignified ways to dispose of a loved one’s ashes.

Each family is unique and deserves meaningful ways to remember the loss of their loved one. During your time of grief, come to Marine Park Funeral Home when you need cremation in Brooklyn, NY. We can help you select a service that will honor your loved one and bring your comfort.